About Speedy Installations We   are   a   domestic   garage   door   company   based   in   Gauteng .   We   do   repairs,   installation   and   automation   of   garage   doors.   Did   you   know   that   your   garage   door   is  possibly   the   biggest   moving   part   of   home   which   potentially   makes   it   the   most   dangerous   unless   it   is  regularly   serviced?   We'd   be   happy   to   take   a   look   and   advise   you.   Contrary   to   popular   belief,   when   your  garage   door  gets  heavy,  that's  not  the  time  to  automate.  Wrong!!  Fix  the  door  then  automate.  We  are  a company  that  specializes  in  domestic  garage  doors  and  automation.  New  installations  form  a  major  part of our business as well as repairs to existing garage doors and their motors.
Our Services Installations of the following: Garage Doors Garage Door Automation Electric Fencing (5-24 Line Fencing) Gate Motors Repairs and Maintenance of the following: Garage Doors Garage Motors Electric Fencing Gate Motors
Contact us Gauteng Operator Contact Person: Benjamin Hurter Cell: 079 491 2080 Email: info@speedyinstallation.co.za  Website: www.speedyinstallation.co.za  Rustenburg Operator Contact Person: Heinrich Cell: 072 379 3980 Email: rustenburg@speedyinstallation.co.za  Areas where we work: We work Around Rustenburg and Gauteng
We Supply and install the following garage doors Timber Garage Doors Alu-Lux™ Garage Doors Aluminium Garage Doors Aluminium Composite Garage Doors Glazed Glass Garage Doors Steel Corotex Garage Doors Fibre Glass Garage Doors Garage door openers
We use the following trusted brands to supply all our products
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Meranti garage doors are among the more popular wood garage doors for sale, for its style and appeal. For garage door repair Pretoria, you’ve chosen the professionals. We also offer a wide variety of

aluminium and wood garage doors at prices you can afford. If you’re not in the market for a new garage door, we can also repair or service your existing garage door and centurion gate motor. We

mainly install garage doors Pretoria, but can also assist in garage doors for sale in Gauteng and Rustenburg to. Don’t forget to ask about our range of Centurion gate motors. For all your garage door

automation in Pretoria, give these garage door specialists in Pretoria a call.

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Garage doors Pretoria, offer custom as well as caravan, single and double garage doors in Pretoria. Pretoria garage doors are offered in many different styles, and can include garage door

motors, Pretoria. Gate Motors for sale, Pretoria is an additional gate motor service we offer, along with garage door repair Pretoria and electric fencing Pretoria. We also stock and supply

centurion gate motors, Pretoria.